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About Elaine

Hello, I'm Elaine Walsh, founder and CEO of Wild about Mushrooms Ltd., a pioneering brand that's bringing an exciting twist to the world of healthy snacks. We specialize in creating delicious, nutritious snacks infused with gourmet mushrooms like Lion's Mane, Reishi, and Cordyceps.

Our snacks are not just tasty, they're also good for you and the planet. We are committed to sustainable practices, from eco-friendly manufacturing to biodegradable packaging. Our mission? 'Nourishing the mind and body, one mushroom snack at a time.'

We offer convenient subscription plans, allowing our customers to maintain their health journey with our mushroom-infused snacks delivered right to their doorsteps. Join us as we revolutionize snacking, transforming it from a guilty pleasure into a wellness journey. 'Supercharge Your Snack Game: Mushroom Infusions for the Win!'


I have a BS.c in Bio-analysis and Biotechnology, a Diploma in Bioscience, a Certificate in Applied Biology, Post Grad Certificate  in Food Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Post Grad Certificate in Food and Nutrition Product development and I have been working in the Bio-pharam and pharmaceutical world for the last 17 years. Where I have been able gain experience in many departments - Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Engineering, Validation and site start-up Construction, much of my career has been in senior leadership roles, running Start-up facilities, Project Management and managing large teams of people with different levels of experience.

During this time, I have learned how to manage multiple disciplines across multiple functions, Biopharmaceutical building design, construction and Validation of building, equipment and utilities, also managed project budgeting, people, regulatory agencies and much more.

I have always had a passion for food coming from a farming background where I can experience field to table which always excited me.

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