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Nourishing the mind and body – Super charge Your Snack Game with Mushroom Infusion!

Nutritional Information

Discover the comprehensive nutritional information for a serving size of our products, offering essential insights into its ingredients and values that matter to your health and well-being

Lion's Mane Nutritional Information


Lion's Mane

Brown Rice

Chicken Meat

Beef (Loin)


Recommended daily Intake

16.3 g
0.027 g
9 g
25 g
27.3 g
7.6 g
19.0 g
17.5 g
60 g
50 g
0.54 g
0.54 g
2.1 g
15.9 g
7 g
65 g
0.1 g
0.11 g
0.159 g
1.4 g
6.7 mg
400 mg
400 mg
0.2 mg
0.7 mg
1.1 mg
1.6 mg
150 mg
0.018 mg
0.05 mg
0.01 mg
0.07 mg
0.55 mg
6 mg
11 mg
15 mg
0.07 mg
1000 mg

per 100 g of edible portion

What is Mushroom extract powder?

This comes from the whole mushroom and/or its mycelium (root system) having been soaked in hot water or alcohol (or both). The fibrous remains of the mushroom are discarded, and the resulting liquid is evaporated. This process leaves behind a very concentrated powder where the medicinal compounds of the mushroom are retained.

  • Advantage: You need to ingest very little of the powder to get the health-benefiting compounds unique to Lion’s Mane/Turkey Tail.

  • Uses: Powder extracts are ideal for their versatility and are intended to be used to maximize the ease and efficiency of getting the health benefits Lion’s Mane/Turkey Tail can offer. Since so little of the extract is needed, you can add it to any drink or everyday snack or meal.

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